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In Miracle Play, we have a wide range of Children's playgrounds and waterparks, with themed and colourful designs that will make the little ones' imagination travel to far off places.

Our objective is to make their creative side shine while they learn the essential socializing skills and build up physical strength while they play.

Our playgrounds and water parks dont only guarantee a fun time while ensuring their safety. They also require minimum maintenance, and are easily disinfected without causing any damage to the material or colour of the playground. This is without a doubt a great investment for all our customers!





At Miracle Play we use long lasting materials which align with our commitment to the environment. All of our outdoor playgrounds are recyclable and their production is ensured to cause minimal damage to the environment. In 2021 we also have a line of playground made with recycled material by demand of our customers. Our materials are of the highest quality, with UV ray resistance to make the playgrounds remains as colourful as the first day. As the material is non-porous, the playgrounds are easily disinfected for a safe use and are ersistance to harsh weather conditions.

All of our playground installations follow the required security rules, adapting to each country's safety playground use rules, to make playtime as safe as possible



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