Miracle Playhas a large selection of furniture for preschools, schools, children's party places and family parks. Our children's shelves allow children to store items such as books, art supplies, boardgames, musical instruments, blocks and toys. To ensure childern's safety during their use, our shelves are designed specially with children's sizes and made with non-toxic and extremely resistant materials. This is why our children's shelf units, offer children to make their own choices about the materials they would like to use as they can reach it all.

Books, are one of childhood's treasures, they are what make children's life sweet and each and every book hides a magical land which helps them learn in every page. But these books take up so much space, they can be a nightmare when trying to organize a shared space. Therefore, to help reduce the mess in each area, it is important to have a place to display essential books and wonderful stories and help increase children's curiosity to learn and discover new books. Here is where shelves serve their most important purpose, specially the ones designed for children, so they can see, feel and take the books they want and increase their passion for reading.

Organize your nursery

Shelves made for children's books, not only offer a great storage solution which is extremely necessary when trying to organize children's toys, books an items, but they also can be a main decorative element in any classroom or children's space. We have a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes for children's shelves and are able to adapt to the decorative needs each client poses. We are also able to, create new designs and make a beautiful aesthetic required by our customers for their specific areas. Add the perfect library for your nursery or classroom and fill them up with wonderful books, toys or boardgames. Fill your children's life with joy while keeping the room tidy and beautiful.

Should you a place to store books, drawings or toys, Miracle Play's development team has created models which have been tested and approved by teachers, parents and school owners. Our leading experts have over 30 years of experience in the children's sector and make a huge effort for these children tobe able to get the best educational and recreational elements to grow and learn in a safe and organized way.


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