The shoe rack, is one of the most important furniture items for children's play areas they are extremely useful and practical to keep and hold children's shoes, sandals and boots to keep the playground clean while they are playing and having an amazing time. They are necessary for businesses to keep the areas clean, and for children and parents to know their shoes are safely stored and preventing any type of risk of losing them or of creating obstacles which can lead to an unfortunate accident or fall during playtime. Our shoe racks can be used in different play areas for different types of business like: kindergartens and preschools,, for playgrounds, restaurants and hotels

Children's furniture are the best accessories to play areas as they create a more aesthetic and organized space which allows for different activities to take place in one same play area.


Quality and characteristics of our shoe holder

These items are useful to help with hygene and prevent attracting germs stored in shoes inside a playground in which children are crawling and using both hands and feet to move. Since it is made out of polyethylene, it is an item thats easy to clean, resistant to disinfecting products, falls and bumps.

Mobiliario para parques infantiles

The shoe holders are made with materials which are not electricity conductors, don't rot and dont give splinters over time, splinters are quite dangerous as it can hurt anyone passing their hands through the furniture or depositing items. Apart from using only environmentally friendly products, Miracle Play prides itself in providing the best quality and safest products to use with no damage in the quality over time. The show holder's structure, is light for easy transportation and resistant for daily use without damages and provides a hint of colour which is always great for childen's areas.

The shoe rack is divided into 12 compartments, separated in 2 different levelsm this means each shoe holder is able to store 12 pairs of shoes and can be used for children from 0 to 10 years old. It simple design and light weight permit our clients to stack the show racks which optimizes the space used.

Safety of our products

Shoe holders are safe to use by children, they dont have sharp edges and are made with a non-toxic material perfect for daily use in indoor playgrounds. This product is easy and comfortable to use for children thanks to the compartmental division provided.
Miracle Play's shoe holders are shaped like different animals, which makes it more visual and fun for children's use. Their shape and structure is attractive and colourful giving a wonderful decoration to each space making the environment comfortable and nice for the little ones to use

The measurements for this product are: 12 x 27 x 40 cm

The available colours for this product are: black, red, yellow, blue, purple and green.

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Best quality Children's furniture

Miracle Play's furniture is only sold in bulk or to buy along with a plaground.