Our counters offer a special design for children's playgrounds and are a perfect accessory for children's furniture in indoor parks. The main objective is to help with organizing objects for both children and adults to store them in a comfortable and accesible place.

Counters are an excellent option to use as storage space for children's indoor playgrounds as they generate a great aesthetic value to the space where it will be placed, thanks to its different colours and shapes that provide style to any area with a hint of colour and light.

These are essential items for a reception area, this is why we need to take into account where it will be located so it doesnt obstruct any main access to important locations. Counters are usually used for hotel's kids areas, reception areas at kid's party companies and other children's recreational areas which require a reception desk.

Uses of the counters for indoor children's playground spaces

These items can be used as counters and reception desks, perfectly adapted to hold papers, computers , folders and bads while having a fun entry way to the game area of the park. Counters are commonly used to store items in the multiple compartments and can be adapted to have electronic elements inside.

On the other side, these counters can be used as a taller version of shelving units for kids to be able to store: rugsacks, toys, books, etc... We try to offer alternatives and storage elements to our customers trying to make each space special and comfortable to use

These products are made out of polyethylene, an environmentally friendly material (as it is 100% recyclable with a very small carbon footprint during production) which is easy to clean and disinfect. It is also a non- toxic material with a long product life which doesnt take up too much space but will help with organising the area.

There are multiple colours available for these items: black, red, yellow, purple and green.

Best Serenade Hotel is one of the many projects where you can find our counters used as reception desk and as a shelf unit.

We don't want to limit your imagination and we want to offer different options to adapt to your space and fit into your budget.

Remember that Miracle Play is here to help and assess you with all that you may need for your indoor playground furniture.