In Miracle Play, we design and produce beautiful water playground sets made for every pocket. Our proposals for waterparks adjust to every person's economic needs. Our water sets made out of polyethylene, are original water playgrounds with original shapes which are extremely eye catching due to its variability, usability and thematization.

Our waterslides made out of polyethylene, are the newest trend for water structures. This is due to the economic difference between polyethylene and fibreglass materials, which has made waterparks made out of polyethylene increase in popularity. These playgrounds are made with galvanized steel posts (which can be made with aluminium upon request) and use plastic pieces made of polyethylene which is water resistant.

Our polyethylene waterparks, are economic aswell as a great option for anyone who is looking to have an originalwater play option on a budget.

The different themes for these types of playground are as follows:




Space Ships

The aquatic structures made out of polyethylene by Miracle Play, will maximize the fun in each space. Theredore in order to offer the best product possible, we count with a great team of architects experienced in playground design. The architectural team will ensure the safety of children for every element included in each playground. For this reason, in Miracle Play we spend long periods of time with investigating new products and ways to make children happy in every space.

The special models made in polyethylene plastic, require minimum maintenance, this is why clients find it perfect for their establishments. Their easy maintenance is due to the plastic components of the material, made with a minimum carbon footprint and being 100% recyclable, this material is therefore non-porous and allow for an easy maintenance, easy disinfection and easy cleaning of the products.

Aquatic design playgrounds made of polyethylene

Polyethylene playgrounds, can be completely personalyzed. The structures of each playground are modular, which means each of the items can be placed in the format needed to fit every space in any angle. We can also add decorative elements, which apart from giving a wider thematizxation of the playground allow for learning experiences for children, one of their favourite things to do while having the time of their lives in the water. Every waterplayground set is is filled with surprises for children to enjoy.

At the same time, the structural playground sets made in polyethylene by Miracle Play, apart from having innovative themes, can splash water from any of the decorative elements. Therefore , every element included can make the playground more fun and dynamic for children to enjoy with every drop.

Our polyethylene watersets can be included in several different children's play pools with a minimum depth of 40cm of water. We can adapt our slides aswell and end in deeper pools as we count with a large number of designs which can attract a wider audience.

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