The most fun elements of every summer, are without a doubt the children's play pools made by Miracle Play. Specially the ones with our aquatic sets for children's pools, they are designed to give fun and lasting memories, and give any pool the feeling of being in a magical place where children's fun and enjoyment is the only thing that matters. At the same time, these types of pools make children's playtime a chance for them to learn new skills and abilities.

But First, What are children's pool parks?

Contrary to splash zones where you don't need any type of pool depth, a children's park pool is an area with 30 to 40 cm of water. On the first place, the reason for this height is for children to be able to play with no problems, in fact, all of the elements used in these areas are thought for the exclusive use of children and to keep them safe and happy at all times.

Pool Plate

In Miracle Play, we are expert designers and producers of children's pools' elements, apart from our expertise in water slides. We create the best themed water parks for children to give the best added value o every space and every establishment. At the same time, our extremely original line of products, help us create interactive play areas inside the themed pools, giving children more learning opportunities in every corner while they are having fun in the water.

What are the materials used by Miracle Play to create their children's pool elements?

Our aquatic modules for splash pools have the best materials for greater durability. With the ladders, platforms and decorative figures always made of fiberglass (a material for the manufacture of boats very resistant to water and corrosive products), the posts and fasteners are made of galvanized steel with marine quality paint and the slides of Water is manufactured using the most innovative L-RTM method used by very few companies in the world.

What elements do we add to the children's pool plates to increase the fun factor?

Our children's playgrounds made for pools have different elements made for every age group, thanks to the braking channels incorporated at the end of the playground sets' water slides.  At the same time, we can add water playground sets of every height in children's pools, making it the most dynamic area for the entire family to be able to have fun. Also, most of our clients' opt to add a tall waterslide tower in an adjacent pool which is much deeper than the children's pool, to be able to complete the waterpark area. AS a result, our client's attract a wider age group and a much wider audience to their establsiments.

With our dumping barrel modules, different height waterslides, splash elements and many more water fun items you can add to your pool, you will give great visibility to your pool area, giving your business an incredible competitive edge. Sincerely, these are playgrounds that will give your guests something to talk about and an incredible reason to return. Hotels, Resorts and Campings with waterparks have managed to increase the number of reservations made in their establishments, even during economical crisis periods.

Finally, we would like to note down how important it is for users to have fun while playing in a waterpark. Miracle Play recommends, for example, to include individual elements to complete the children's areas, such as individual slides in the shape of animals, water arches , splash palm trees... In fact, these elements help children find new fun ways to enjoy the water play area and they will not get bored for hours to come, as they offer a wide dynamic to the games played.

Make children not want to step out of the pools and, make their parents enjoy fond memories with them.

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