Our Waterslide towers are perfect to turn any pool area into an incredible waterpark where children and adults can enjoy the wornderful rides. Our waterslides can reach big heights and lengths turning a hotel's, camping's pool area into a great space with extremely fun elements.

Waterslides made of L-RTM

What does it mean to have a waterslide made of L-RTM?

LRTM (LightResin Transfer Moulding) is one of the most innovative technologies of creating compound products. It consists in inserting resin in between two tightly fitted moulds with small pressure. Reinforcement, in the form of glass fibre, is put dry in the mould, which is covered with gel-coat.

Why install waterslides made with L-RTM instead of traditional methods?

Waterslides made with L-RTM have many benefirs for our clients and final users:

  • The aesthetics of the slides with more beautiful results, since their surface is smooth on both sides of the slide (unlike slides manufactured without the use of RTM, which have a rough appearance on the outside of the slide).
  • L-RTM reduces styrene emission byapproximately 15% . This styrene, instead of being released into the atmosphere, becomes part of the structure of the slide. Improving its durability and extending the life of the product.
  • The water slides made in L-RTM can incorporate multimedia effects (music, light and almost transparent color). These slides also make it possible to take advantage of natural light by creating light effects inside the tube slides using external light to create a different experience for users.
  • Miracle Play slides with L-RTM are characterized by their seamless tubes. In addition, these tubes, which consist of a diameter of 1000 mm and the half tubes of a diameter of 1400 mm, have tongue and groove connections, which facilitate their assembly and prevent them from moving against each other while using the slide. The dimensions of the L-RTM molds are extremely precise. Therefore, L-RTM tubes are characterized by being able to repeat exactly the same and by their extremely precise and light connections.

At Miracle play we offer different options for waterpark slides personalized to every space, adapting to our customer's demands for capacity and installation conditions, to create the waterslides they want for their pool areas.

Miracle Play's Waterslide model types and their use:

Body Slides

  • Racing Slide Also known as the racing waterslidesm they can have from 2 to 8 rails each for one individual person. There are perfect for multiple members to use as it has multiple rails.
  • Stuka Slide Structure with a great degree of inclination, it begins with a closed area to give more security and then opens up midway to give the user a bigger thrill during the way down.
  • Kamikaze Slide: made with a mix of safety and adrenaline rush in mind. Just like the stuka slide, the kamikaze is a waterslide with a very vertical degree of inclination, but this slide is fully open to be able to see the fall from the beginning and see how the slide will end.
  • Open Spiral Slide: without a doubt one of the best options as it is not very steep so the user can go down the slide without the use of a floating service , it has curves and spirals to help increase the fun factor while the user goes down the water ride.
  • Aquatube Slide: They have a medium inclination, it is closed with curves whic make the aquatic fun more adventurous. They can incorporate light effects to make the ride different and spectacular
  • Tornado Slide: In this type of slide, you will begin with a fun fall from one of our aquatube slides, which will end up in a slide plate where centrifugation will make the user spin around and around the walls of the slide and fall through a tube slide into the water

Floater Slider

  • Open or Closed spiral Slide with floaters: These slides require donut floaties for 1 or 2 people. they have a 1,2m Ø apporximately. They have turns and deep falls to generate more exhitement.
  • Tornado Slide with floaters: 2 people in the same float can enjoy this exciting water attraction. This slide, similar to its body version, ventures its users towards a 12m diameter centrifuge bowl.
  • Pendulum Slide: Slide for adventurers that can be launched as a couple or adventure with an individual donut. The movement of this slide is similar to that of the pirate ship in amusement parks, going up and down several times in the same route to increase the fun time inside the slide.

Toboganes para parques acuáticos

Most families, when looking for a holiday option feel more attracted by hotels and resorts that have aquatic rides and waterplay elements. Most of our clients have seen an increase in bookings after adding water slides, even in low peak seasons.

Most people look for places to stay with singular traits, and having a water filled place where people can enjoy fun waterslides is definitely a reason to book. What people usually search for when booking a stay in a hotel is:

  • Waterparks and Waterslides
  • Water play for children in pools
  • Children's water playgrounds
  • Aquatic rides in hotels
  • Water slide parks

¿Porque comprar un tobogán acuático?

An tobogán acuático es una gran adición a una piscina o un patio trasero. Proporciona una forma divertida and emocionante in the disfrutar del agua, and es una excelente forma in the divertirse en familia. Además, los toboganes acuáticos ofrecen muchos beneficios adicionales, como:

  1. Permite una actividad física divertida and segura. An tobogán acuático es una excelente forma in the que los niños se diviertan and ejerciten al mismo tiempo.
  2. Ofrece diversión to todas las edades. Our adultos también pueden disfrutar in the los toboganes acuáticos, lo que los hace una excelente forma in the entretenimiento to toda la familia.
  3. Es una forma simple and segura in the refrescarse. Our toboganes acuáticos ofrecen una forma divertida in the refrescarse sin tener que nadar.
  4. No requiere mucho mantenimiento. Our toboganes acuáticos son relativamente fáciles in the mantener and no requieren una gran cantidad in the trabajo.
  5. Puede mejorar la apariencia in the su patio trasero. An tobogán acuático ofrece una forma atractiva and divertida in the mejorar la apariencia in the su patio trasero.

¿Por qué  instalar un tobogán acuático?

An tobogán acuático es una divertida adición a cualquier piscina o área in the juegos acuáticos, and ofrece muchos beneficios. Por ejemplo, el tobogán acuático puede proporcionar a los jóvenes una forma segura in the nadar and jugar, ya que los toboganes acuáticos generalmente están diseñados con medidas in the seguridad. Además, un tobogán acuático proporciona diversión a toda la familia, ya que los niños and adultos por igual pueden disfrutar in the un emocionante paseo por el tobogán acuático.

Our toboganes acuáticos también se pueden instalar fácilmente en piscinas existentes, lo que significa que no es necesario construir una nueva piscina to disfrutar in the este divertido accesorio. Finalmente, los toboganes acuáticos pueden ser una excelente forma in the aumentar el valor in the una propiedad, ya que atraen a los compradores potenciales.

Lastly, water parks that give fun and entertainment give a place for families to enjoy together and guarantees a great success.