Live the summer. with our spash areas which provide an extremely refressing area to enjoy the summer to its fullest potential. Guess when the Geyser will burst with water, run underneath the water arches, or wait until any of our dumping barrel's will let out their water.

Are you looking for a fun option to refresh your guests, but dont have a pool area to add water games on?

Splash parks or, spray parks are basically, water parks for urban areas that require no pool plate or pool depth. This is a great advantage, as they do not require lifeguards since there is no risk of drowning

This type of water parks, apart from being very safe, can include a wide range of high quality elements to increase the fun. Miracle Play develops water products in stainless steel and fibreglass, which are two of the most water resistant profucts in the market, and the most developed for water playgrounds. In fact, fibreglass is the exact material used to create ships, it is not metallic so there is no risk of rusting and it has great resistance to corrosive materials such as chlorine used in pool. In this way, water playgrounds in splash areas, can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Their different colours, shapes, elements that spit out water and water falls, attract the sight of all children. In hindsight, this will attract more visitors to the establishment and give it a great competitive edge. Splash zones or spray parks, make any area fun and they are extremely popular thanks to the great learning experience each corner of these water playground has. This is why schools, urban areas and hotels love to have these areas for children to enjoy themselves.

Where can I install a splash playground?

Spray parks or splash parks can be installed in a wide variety of open spaces. This is why, within our projects you can find public spaces with these types of playgrounds aswell as hotels, campings, summer camps, commercial areas... based all over the worls. At the same time, we can install splash zones for indoor or outdoor use and they are a great alternative for terraces or a porch.

Splash zones, can be installed on different surfaces, from impermeable floors with antislip covering or even just a simple cement floor. It only requires that, before adding the flooring, the contractor installs the correct pipelines. Therefore, once installed with the pipelines and the flooring, Miracle Play can incorporate the fun splash elements to bring fun, aesthetics and a refreshing new area.

Miracle Play's number one priority is always safety. Therefore, since these are aquatic areas with no water depth, safety is quite high but the contractors need to be able to have an antislip floor for any occassion. On the first place, Miracle Play will realise an area investigation to make sure the area will be safe from childern slipping. On the second place, we check our installation has been made in a way there are no sharp edges or metallic parts sticking out which can cause harm to anyone. Lastly, Miracle Play relaises water tests to verify all of the elements installed are fully functional.

Our team of professional, therefore, verify all of the elements for spray zones are perfectly placed and anchored to the fround and that the park is ready to be used and have fun with. Miracle Play, manages to do all the checks in order to create a fun and safe place for people to enjoy.

How fun is it to enjoy the water in summer? specially with the spray zones or splash zones for children's waterparks.

If you are interested in having a splash area in your establishment, with the help of water play specialists do not hessitate in contacting Miracle Play!

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