Miracle Play offers a wide variety of playground accessories which will complete your playground and make it accessible to children of different ages and physical abilities. Making playtime more fun and varied in one same place. Playground accessories will help make your children's area, the most fun it can be, and you can add some of the children's most beloved playtime items. Some of this Playground accessories for outdoor parks include:


  • One of children's favourite playtime element, they can spend hours and hours of fun on them. Our range of swings include double swings traditional swing sets, for children to be able to play side by side. We can adapt each double swing set to have either baby seats fit for toddlers or average seats so anyone can sit on them. Inclusive swingswhich are specially made for inclusivity in the playground, it can fit 2 people and we traditionally call them basket swings.  Swings,, are therefore, an esential element in each play area.
Individual Slides and Adapted Slides for hills
  • Miracle Play knows, that when thinking of a fun playtime, everyone's favourite element is the slide. Which can have many shapes and forms and everytime you slide feels different. Individual slides are the ones which are not part of a playground set, these will include a staircase and a slide to add a separate play element for the playground area. Individual slides, are typically used for smaller play areas along with other playground accessories to have all the beloved playtime elements without taking up too much space. Adapted slides for slopes they are personalized and made specifically to go down your hill or slope, let us know the angle of the slope and how long it will be so we can calculate the perfect slope slide for you. This way, no play area will be wasted and each corner will be filled with fun.
  • These playtime accessories, are specially enjoyed by pre-teens. Thanks to the different grades of difficulty for physical activity, these elements help build a different and special area for all ages. nets, rock climbers and obstacles increase the element of fun in each playground. It surely is, a play accessory which will not go unnoticed
Seesaws and Spring Riders
  • Miracle play has a wide range of designs for seesaws and springriders having seesaws for 2 people or 4 people with or without a spring, it will surely make playtime much more interesting and collaborative. Our seesaws help the little ones to know about balance and weight while they socialize and have a good time. Spring Riders are also a very fun element, typically used by children with ages 1-5 years old. These are made with different animal transport or nature element shapes to help with creativity, colour vision and balance for the toddlers of the playground.
Equilibrium sets
  • Small item and the most economic of our accessories, these items are the perfect accessory to the playground. It help with balance coordination and they give a hint of colour to any area. Our equlibrium sets can also be used as a seat for children during playtime and can be used to help with creativity as they can imagine what they can be used for. 
Crawling tunels
  • Another inclusive playtime item, simply perfect to play games of hide and seek or to include in an obstacle circuit.

Add a special accessory for your playground area and fill playtime with fun!

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