Safety in children's Play Areas, is one of the main priorities for Miracle Play, our main users are children, which is why within our company we do all that is possible to portect them during playtime. This is why all of our playgrounds and safety playground elements (such as fences and floors) are adapted to norm EN 1177 specially made for protecting children's recreational areas.

To increase safety in children's play zones designed by Miracle Play, our expert team members will help client's by assessing which security floor and measures are necessary for their area, carefully paying attention to details such as, traffic in the area, type of ground and height of the playground. This way, all clients know that their area is perfectly safe and adapted to the requirements set for the location and playground settings. Children will be able to play and run safely, and parents will be calm knowing their children are safe during their playtime.

Our range of products specially made for children's safety are:
  • Pavements with continuous rubber flooring: A wide range of colours, hopscotches, drawings and shapes, can be found in our beautiful continuous rubber floors, which are the best ally for theme parks. Providing safety, colours, extra games and fun for all ages aswell as the upmost safety for the little ones.
  • Rubber tile floors: Pavements protected by rubber tiles come in 4 different colours, and clients can choose to combine them or keep all colours the same for the floors. Rubber tiles, from Miracle Play, are made with Recycled materials (Truck wheels, car wheels... which are no longer used) and help protect children from high falls. Our tiles come in standard sizes, which makes them easy and more economic to replace in the case one of them suffers damage
  • Artificial Grass: Artificial grass is an extremely popular product, but on its own, it doesnt offer the necessary protection for playgrounds higher than 0,90m, this is why Miracle Play has done numerous ammounts of research to be able to bring the best quality protection in artificial grass by adding an undercoat ayer of Rubber flooring, which will give this type of floors a great natural looking aesthetic with optimal protection for children during playtime.
  • Children's fences: Fences, are used to delimit the park areas. It is important that playground areas are delimited to prevent children from running out of the playground into dangerous areas. Miracle Play's children fences are specially designed for children, with stripes made of different colours that are sure to grab the attention of the little ones. Our children's fences can have a door which will allow parents or teachers to close the gate completely or can be designed without a door to delimit the areas. This is a perfect safety accessory for playgrounds and give parents peace of mind when the little ones are running around and having the time of their life.

Our safety flooring and children fences, make park areas safe to use so they can play without any worries.

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