Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass, is the perfect option to have a more natural looking area. The problem with artificial grass is that it doesnt provide enough protection on its own for high falls. Our artificial grass incorporates an undercoat layer of rubber floor to give more security to children during their playtime

Artificial grass is an item that can be installed anywhere, private gardes, surrounding pools, terraces, football pitches, padel or tennis courts, golf courts and of course children's playgrounds. Artificial grass is used as a protective floor for children's playgrounds, but not every artificial grass is compatible with children's safety and protection, fun and visually pleasing to provide security and a nice scenery for any play area. , in Miracle Play we have the perfect Artificial grass floor to be able to make the playground area beautiful and safe.

In order to have more safety with using artificial grass, Miracle Play has developed a special rubber undercoat layer made with recycled materials to be able to have the protection of rubber floors and the aesthetic of artificial grass. This way, the artificial grass will offer the protection necessary for a 3m fall.

Having a beautiful outdoor playground design, along with the best quality artificial grass to be used by children during their playtime, with our extra protective exclusive layer of rubber floor base, make up a perfect combination to have the most dinamic and safe play area. The security given by this type of floors let children enjoy their playtime in a certified and regulated area for its use in any location.

Not only is the artificial grass with rubber floor tiles underlayer safe, but it is also easy to clean, disinfect and maintain the the long run. This easy maintenance is given by the combination of height and density in the fibre of the artificial grass models with security layers for children, that allow the area to always maintain a natural grass look while not taking the time to care for it that natural grass requires.

Miracle Play, designs wonderful surfaces so children can enjoy their playtime and parents can be carefree while they do. Combining the best materials and polimers, our artificial grass with a unique fall protectión layer.

There are always original ways to use artificial frass, and wether its a playground, a garden or a football pitch, the results can be extraordinary.

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