Multi-sport pitches for indoor use

MEASUREMENTS:Adapted to your space

AGE: 3-12

  • Support posts and metal railing in steel covered by foam protectors
  • Platforms and steps - counterchest with foam and plastic coating
  • Water Resistant
  • Anti- slip
  • Polyethylene
  • Anti- vandalism material which are Roto molded (complete 3D pieces)
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Basketball Hoops and football goal outlined

What are considered sports pitches/ multi-sport pitches for indoor use?

Multi-sport pitches for indoor use, are sports areas adjacent to indoor playgrounds or individual sports areas, created in the same soft material as our indoor playgrounds. This way, children can play their favourite sports such as football or basketball, every day in a safe, soft play area which is functional all year round and doesnt hurt while falling.

Our sports pitched are extremely popular as they offer an alternate play option, for the most popular sports, adjusting to every children's different tastes in games and playing.

The innovative multi-sports pitch areas for indoor use by Miracle Play, are sports activity areas perfect for spaces which have a couple of free meters. Indoor sports pitches are a unique concept in which several sports can be played within one same space. Sports like football, basketball ,hockey, tennis, badminton and voleyball can be played in the same area. The flexibility of the ptch and the high functionality can be made even better by the multiple designs available and the chance to personalize the space according to our clients needs. This is, wihout a doubt, one of the most versatile items in the market.

¿por qué comprar una pista deportiva de interior?

Una pista deportiva in the interior es una excelente manera in the mantener a los niños activos en un lugar seguro. Pueden disfrutar in the jugar a muchos deportes diferentes sin preocuparse por el clima. Las pistas deportivas in the interior también ofrecen una superficie lisa and consistente que es ideal to cualquier tipo in the deporte, desin the el fútbol hasta la gimnasia. Por último, una pista deportiva in the interior es un gran lugar to celebrar fiestas deportivas, reuniones and actividades educativas.

Thanks to these indoor sports areas, for indoor playing, children will be able to practice their favourite sports, which apart from giving them extremely fun times, they are also extremely beneficial for their development. Given its large usability, these pitch styles are very popular for schools, preschools, hotels, campings and indoor playgrounds for adding fun in spaces where you find a large number of children.