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Look at how children go from one obstacle to another trying to keep their balance with every movement in our Equilibrium beams.

With our equilibrium beams, children learn how to move backwards and forwards without falling, by learning to extend their arms to keep balance or jumping with one foot in front of the other from obstacle to obstacle without missing a beat. Children have buckets of fun with this simple playground accessory, which helps complete a play area with a fun exercise learning game.

Most of our happy customers comment that, apart from the fun balance game, children are using these items to sit down and socialize to rest for a bit before they continue to run around the playground.

Why are equilibrium games important for children?

In order to get a good balance as an adult, it is essencialto learn it as children, this is why, many play items and accessories are made to help children get a better balance. Children have to learn how to keep balance at an early age with simple games, this way they are more aware of their body coordination, which translates into a higher level of concentration in the future.

Balance can also help with:

  • Improving cognitive development, as it helps with mechanical principles of the mind and body
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Improving stamina

Balance exercises help children to begin learning concepts such as gravity, balance and counter weight. All of these habilities are essential for any sport. The relationship a child has with their own balance defines how they will experiences the world and how they adapt to it. It also entails how they react to other people and to themselves.

Children must begin "training" their vestibular system, and therefore, all of their senses in childhood, before learning how to read, write or calculate... Having the chance to learn how the body works in relation to gravity, balance and having being more aware of their bodies and the directions of space are absolutely fundamental for developing a coginitive, emotional and social knowledge in children.

Stimulating children with balancing exercises at a short age can help them develop themselves and learn other skills more efficiently and faster.

Balance activities promote social interaction and game simulation. This is why our equilibrium sets are the perfect play accesory to complete any children's area.


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