¿Qué es un tobogán de interior?


An indoor slide, its a slide structure designed to connect one floor to another through the use of a tube slide. These types of slide designs bring fun, aesthetics and originality to any establishment that has 2 floors or more.


Who hasnt wanted to go down a slide instead of walking down the stairs to go to the floor bellow?


Our indoor slides represent a great opportunity to add some fun to buildings, making big establishments with over 2 floors an amazing chance to stand out from the crowd. This way, places meant for family days such as: restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, airports and play areas. Miracle Play, provides businesses the unique element of an interconnecting slide which will never go unnoticed.

All of the slides that connect two floors are closed, in the shape of a tube. This way, we provide users the upmost safety in their way down while sliding from one floor to the other. At the same time, our team of architects, adapts each slide to the adequate height providing the perfect curve to the slide which is needed in each project.

The design of our slides can be personalize, we work according to our customers instructions. This is why our clients choose us, we are in charge of determining the correct height and measurements of the slide. We show different options to our customers with a range of colours in which they can choose for their space. We also offer the optionof incorporating transparent pieces in between coloured ones which give the slide light and the opportunity for parents to see how the kid is doing inside the slide.

Miracle Play uses the best quality materials in the market, guaranteeing a long lasting product lifetime. Our original indoor slides are made in polyethylene using the Roto Molded technique, which leaves a very low carbon footprint and makes the slide recyclable. The material is resistant to vandalism and is easy to disinfect due to the fact it doesnt contain any pores, this makes it easy to preserve clean. We have installed several indoor slides, such as our project in La Gavia Shopping Centre in Spain.

Make going downstairs a wonderful adventure with our indoor slides



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