Colegio Runnymede College

Runnymede College

Parque infantil en Plaxa Mayor Xativa

Parque infantil en Plaxa Mayor Xativa

Parque infantil para centro comercial Plaza 2

Parque infantil para centro comercial Plaza 2

Parque exterior club Almansa

Parque exterior club Almansa

Camping Almata

Almata Camping

Parque infantil Devesa Garden

Parque infantil Devesa Garden

Parque exterior en el Camping Deva

Parque exterior en el Camping Deva

Parque exterior Camping Aranjuez

Parque exterior Camping Aranjuez

Ayuntamiento de Mislata

Mislata Town Hall

Terra Natura

Terra Natura

Colegio Luis Gonzaga

Luis Gonzaga International School

Ayuntamiento de Pozuelo del Rey

Pozuelo del Rey Town Hall

Ayuntamiento de Andujar

Andujar Town Hall

Parque Colegio Brains Nursery

Parque Colegio Brains Nursery

Ayuntamiento San Juan Aznalfarache

San Juan Aznalfarache Town Hall

El Torreon del Pardo Barco

Torreon del Pardo Restaurant

Quinta los Rosales

Quinta de los Rosales Wedding venue

Restaurante Rincón de Castilla

Rincon de Castilla Restaurant

Hacienda de los Santos Humosa

Santos Humosa Restaurant

Restaurante Tentadero

Tentadero Restaurant

Magic Tropical Splash Hotel

parque Colegio Santa Gema de Aluche

parque Colegio Santa Gema de Aluche

Parque en Colegio María Corredentora

Parque en Colegio María Corredentora

Colegio El Valle

El Valle School

Parque CEIP Benito Perez Galdós

Parque CEIP Benito Perez Galdós

Parque Colegio Aquinas

Parque Colegio Aquinas

Urbanización Rivas Madrid

Rivas Neighbourhood Madrid

Urbanización Puente Viejo Ávila

Puente Viejo Neighbourhood Avila

Urbanización Panamá

Neighbourhood Panama City

Urbanización Islantilla Huelva

Islantilla Neighbourhood Huelva

Urbanización Dehesa Madrid

Dehesa Neighbourhood Madrid

Urbanización Ciudadano Kane Zaragoza

Citizen Kane NEighbourhood Zaragoza

Urbanización Casablanca Madrid

Casablanca Neighbourhood Madrid

Urbanización Boadilla Madrid

Boadilla Neighbourhood Madrid

Urbanización Avenida de Europa Madrid

Avenida de Europa Neighbourhood Madrid


Imagipark Themed Park

Base Torrejón

Torrejon Naval Base

Base Naval de Rota

Rota Naval Base

Ayuntamiento de Martin de la Jara

Martin de la Jara Town Hall

Ayuntamiento de Manilva

Manilva Town Hall

Ayuntamiento de Villafranca de los Caballeros

Villafranca de los Caballeros Town Hall

Trevelez Town Hall

Manzanares el Real Town Hall

Maella Town Hall

Honrubia Town Hall

Parque King’s College

Parque King’s College

parque Colegio Brains

parque Colegio Brains

Parque Colegio Alenta

Parque exterior del Club Nazaret

Parque exterior del Club Nazaret

Servi Group Venus

Servi Group Venus Hotel

Servi Group Pueblo Benidorm

Servi Group Pueblo Benidorm Hotel

Servi Group La Zenia

Servi Group La Zenia Hotel

Fantasia Hotels

Hotel 3HB  – Parques de Exterior –

Hotel 3HB

Miracle Play's Outdoor Children's Playground projects are divided into different categories, in this way everyone can see installations similar to their own business venues and see what the end results have been.

Outdoor playgrounds, are usually compossed of one main element, evidently an outdoor playground set composed of slides, panels, stairs, climbers... composed of polyethylene and can have different designs and themes such as the one installed in Terra Natura,themed in our Nature Series and with a long list of fun play elements to keep the playground set fun, but surrounded by different play accessories such as a rope climber, or a slide on a hill. This way, children can use all the area and have fun using different elements duting playtime. It is as important to have a playset than it is to have play acessories in large areas, as they turn every corner of the playground into an adventure.

Accessories for Children's Playgrounds

Miracle Play also offers a wide variety of playground equipment, such as:

We can also add multisport pitches, where children will have all their favourite sports in one same field, this is perfect for Summer Camps or Schools with a limited outdoor space. Rock climbing walls are now, extremely fashionable aswell in Children's recreational areas, which is why apart from the typical rope climbers we have all found in playgrounds as kids, Miracle Play has developed rock climbing walls for playgrounds to increase the fun and addecuate playgrounds to all needs.

Production of Outdoor Playgrounds

On the first place, our clients indentify us as being the best outdoor playground equipment supplier, giving excellent service and always focussed in satisfying their needs and requirements while creating the outdoor playground area they are looking for. We adapt all elements to fit the construction area and the budget each client has for each area. MIRACLE PLAY HAS WON THE 2020 AWARD FOR BEST PLAYGROUND DESIGNS AND PLAYGROUND AREAS BY BUILD MAGAZINE (UK). We are known for our wonderful and unique playground designs, installed all over the world. Miracle Play loves to pay attention to every detail and play element used to elevate the fun in each of our children's areas, making them all special and unique in their own way.

Miracle Play has over 30 years of experience in the installation of playgrounds, our play experts are proud of our long trajectory and legacy, giving life to the many ideas and complying with the standards and norms set to make play areas fun and secure to all children.

We are environmentally caucious and the materials used are known to leave a very small carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable. Making them extra safe for the environment. In 2020 we decided to go one step forward and have introduced a new method of making playground with a mix of recycled polyethylene and unused polyethylene to maintain the stability and safety, any playground can be designed this way if required by the customer.

Some of Miracle Play's Past Projects:











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