Miracle Play's playground sets offer original shapes with themed designs in all sizes to fit all tastes and needs for the client. Playgrounds should be a place of fun and excitement, which is why our research and development team decided to create the most beautiful themed playgrounds to let children's imagination flow during playtime. All of our designs, regardless of the theme, include funfliled elements which will result in hours of playtime with no dull moments.

Our outdoor playground sets with unique desgins which count with oficial certificates for the fulfillment of European Norm EN-1176 referring to the installation and security in children's playgrounds and playground areas. 

Outdoor Playground sets specially designed for children's play areas

Miracle Play's children playgrounds, wake up curiosity in children due to the fun shapes, interactive panels and funfilled elements that make up each playset. Our team of experts, work hard to have a learning and fun element in each corner of the playgrounds (big sets or small sets) which can elevate the amount of learning for children during playtime. We elaborate each design of our playgrounds with love to be able to develop the full potential in children during the use of our playgrounds, by including elements which help build up creative, physical and social habilities while they have fun playing. Each of the elements included in the playsets are thought out and centered in creating an atmosphere of creative activities and experiences, this way playtime becomes magical and fun.

Miracle Play's playground sets' decorations vary depending on the theme chosen by each client. When deciding on a spaceship themed playground we will include decorative items from outer space such as spaceship roofs and space plants,. On the other hamd. when you decide on a nature themed playset the decorations can include a roof with leaves, palm trees, animals and flowers. You can inspire us with your ideas and we will design the playground with the perfect theme, or we can even mix them up to create a unique playset which fits the end user's needs.

Our themed sets, not only allow our clients to have a great aesthetic in their extra space, they are also made to help children's imagination fly. In each corner of our playgrounds, Miracle Play tries to inspire to live wonderful adventures during their playtime. By installing our playgrounds, our clients choose to inpire the little ones to live their play adventures as heroes of their own story, taking them to far off places such as outer space, a castle in a kingdom far far away, a pirate ship in the middle of the caribbean... The options are endless with our beautiful designs.

Miracle Play's Materials are thought for the daily use of the playgrounds

Our playground sets' materials offer a high resistance and long lasting playground life. All of our playsets are made with Galvanize steel or aluminium posts (we allow the client to choose) and Polyethylene fabricated in Roto Moulded technique. Polyethylene is the most resistant playground building material in the market, it is completely recyclable and has a very low impact on the enviroment during its production. Apart from being environmentally friendly and responsible, this material offers great benefits to our clients, allowing us to create the beautiful 3D shapes filled with colours which will not fade away with sunlight and will resist harsh weather conditions and desinfecting materials. Forget about splinters and rotting materials, polyethylene is a smooth material with no pores which will not absorb waterm will disinfect easily and will look as new as the 1st day for a long period of time.

Miracle Play's playgrounds are a great investment for our clients. If you want to learn more about our themed products please contact us at miracleplay@miracleplay.com

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