Send Miracle Play a plan of the area wirth measurements and pictures, and we will create a completely personalized 3D design of the children's playground without any type of commitment.

Our 3D Designs will allow you to have a more accurate vision of what the end result with the play area will be. You can virtually travel to the future to know the end result of the space you will want the playground in. Miracle Play, adapts to your tastes. therefore if you would like to change the position of the elementsm the colours or want to mix different sets of playgrouns or different themes, Miracle Play will adapt each playground to your taste. Our goal is to adjust perfectly to each of our client's needs.

The design process manages by Miracle Play is focused to bring to live a real prototype of the playgrounds and water parks to each client. Therefore, we will make adjustments and review eacg design, making sure that every element and detail follow the clients' requirements as much as possible.

As leaders in construction and design of Playgrounds (having won the BUILD Award for Best Playground design company in 2020), we want to make the designs get to our clients as fast as possible, which is why our team of architects work tiredlessly to make each project unique and fun aswell as safe for all children.

Our main priority is, the children's safety

Our designs are carefully revised and verified before sending them to each client, answering all of the client's needs while maintaining the area safe for the use of children. We are also in charge of bringing safety, usability, accesibility, confidence and aesthetics to each area with a great design to make your playground or water park perfectly suit each customer's needs while keeping children's fun and security in mind.

Our designs and play installations are always ready and thought out to follow with each country's playground rules in order to have the correct safety distances and materials for the safe use of the play areas.

As a result, we create safe projects which help with children's growth mentally and physically. Each corner filled with details that stimulate creativity, fill their eyes with colours and help them learn about balance and build physical strength while playing. The results, are always fun so all children can fill their play time with enjoyment.

In this page, we present one of our latest projects in Punta Cana (Caribbean), designed by our proffessionals one of the most creative pieces for the Best Serenade Hotel built by our professional playground building team and filled with life and colour

All of our big designs are perfectly thought for all types of areas big or small, to fit your budget and the size for each space

Contact us and we will design the play area of your dreams, wether it's outdoors, indoors or a water park

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