Maintenance is a fundamental and important process to carry out in playgrounds.This process requires for each playground, pay element and their installationto be verified. The safety of the little ones is an essential issue for all children's leisure spaces. Therefore, having everything in the play area working correctly is essential for the correct use of each park.

This is why we must always take into account carrying out an ocular and functional inspection for each attraction, or element of our park. In which each element or factor that may affect the integrity of the park is thoroughly inspected.

Once we install a playground, we take care of reviewing that each item in our parks is working properly and follow the correct rules fror playgrounds in the country, in order to avoid problems in the future. When clients observe anomalies in the park or breaks in the elements of a Miracle Play park, they can contact us reporting the damages. Thanks to this report we can determine the type of repair you need or if it requires a replacement of damaged parts.

Safety always comes first, and maintenance is done to keep little ones safe during playtime

Miracle Play counts with the best staff, a team of experts in the field for the design and assembly of outdoor, indoor and aquatic playgrounds. We customize each product according to the interests of our clients to provide the best experience.

Our architects and installers have years of experience in the elaboration and construction field, specially trained for playgrounds and they know very well the implementation of the European and international regulation of playgrounds and children's leisure areas.

We manage biosecurity protocols and we adopt preventive measures recommended by the Higher Council of Architects to guarantee the safety of our staff and stability when setting up the playground.

We also offer an after-sales service in which the customer can communicate with us and tell us what their maintenance issue is. We carry out maintenance services for Miracle Play's playgrounds only, and can manage if they have any breakdown or damage to one of the installed products.

We want to be able to provide a good maintenance service in the shortest possible time and as agreed we can even send a replacement of what may have been damaged in your attraction.

Our experts in assembling children's leisure structures will guarantee a safe play space for the fun of the little ones.