Seesaws and Spring Riders are the most traditional playtime accessories for playgrounds we have all enjoyed playing on a spring rider with a cute shape or have experienced the fun of being with our friends on a seesaw. These elements, are still a very important part of playtime for most children.

Miracle Play, has a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials for both seesaws and spring riders. Guaranteeing, playtime fun and learning new skills depending on which of these element they use.

Types of seesaws and springs

These elements are specially desgined for children's use and fun

Spring riders: They can be made to have different shapes, for example, plants, animals, food, transport... among amny others. They are typically used by children from 1 to 5 years old, even if they can stand higher weights than those of 5 year olds. Miracle Play, makes spring riders of many different shapes and materials, always of the highest quality for a high durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions and daily use. Our models, can be designed as traditional spring riders with two HDPE boards simulating different shapes in 2D. We also have polyethylene spring riders which can allow for the different shapes to be in 3D , these are a modern take on spring riders which will get the attention of all children and can make a more original, less traditional play area. Miracle Play also counts with double seesaws made with shapes of dogs and horses to increase the fun for toddlers to play together safely while continuing to learn with the use of springs.

As many other play accessories, spring riders are a beneficial item for children's health

These type of accessories, are very beneficial to children's learning, as they help with their psychomotor habilities and their use of space domain.  This is because, while playing with spring riders, children go up, down, they grab themselves, they let go, they jump... It helps them know more about the distances and spaces, they learn how their body moves and how to control the body to move how they want it to move.

Seesaws: These elements are made of a central plinth and a base place on top of it, creating a scale. Miracle Play, has many different and modern designs for the typical seesaws to be turned into more modern elements with more fun added to them. Our seesaws, can be made with a spring ( so youngerchildren are also able to use it) or without a spring.

The Benefits of Seesaws 

Miracle Play's seesaws come with and without springs, to attract different audiences and to incorporate different styles of games and learning. We have spoken about the benefits of playing with springs and spring riders, but playing with normal seesaws, are also wide and varied. Seesaws help with team play and team work, increasing their hability to socialize and learn to express what they want out of the situation at hand. They also, help children understand the relationship between cause and effect, helping them understand that every action has an equal oposite reaction.

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