Swings are a very popular playground accessory option which can be installed in gardens and patios. This is usually the preferred accessory for children (aswell as slides), it is a traditional play item which can be used individually or by a group of children.

Outdoor Swing Sets

In a functional way, traditional swing sets, usually consist on a plastic seat which is connected to a metallic struction by the use of chains. The fun part of this element is that, while children are holding on to the chains they can push themselves (or be pushed) to swing back and forth, feeling as though they might reach the stars with each movement. It is in this way that children learn to develop and experiment feelings of freedom, speed and they feel like they are flying.

Certified Swing Sets

Our products are made of a galvanized steeel metalic base with chains made with galvanized steel and a seat made with polyethylene. All the structures and seats are easily cleaned and resistant to desinfecting products. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions and UV rays, they dont loose their bright colour through time.

We can find many swingsets installed in playground areas, house gardens, country houses, chalets, hotels, campings and restaurants (among the many happy clients with a swing set)

Swings are made for children of all ages, in order to offer extra protection to toddlers, Miracle Play offers the option to buy toddler /baby seats for swings or the usual children seat. That way, children of all ages are able to enjoy the fun while being safe.

Types of Swings and Swing sets

Basket Swing: Swing set with a single seat in the shape of a basket, or bascinet in which 2 people can be seated together. They are inclusive swings specially made to share moments together. It can be an individual accesory or it can be attached to a playground set.

Measurements: 300 x 130 x 200 cm

Security Area: 950x600x200cm

Age: 3- 16 Year olds

Double Swingset: Swing set with 2 flat seats made in polyethylene, can be an individual accessory or can be attached to the playground set.

Measurements: 300x130x220cm

Security Area: 600x430x220cm

Age: 3- 16 Year olds

Double Baby swingset:: Swing set with 2 baby seats, specially made for toddlers comfort, it can be individual or attached to a playground set.

Measurements: 300 x 130 x 200 cm

Security Area: 950x600x200cm

Age: 1-3 Year olds

Handicap swingset: Swing set made specially to fit a wheelchair, the best to include children with reduced mobility. It has a wheelchair strap protector so the wheelchair is stabilized while swing is working.

Swings are fun and inclusive!

An example of a playground with a swingset made by Miracle Play can be found in Luis Gonzaga International School in Spain.

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