Climbers for children 

Miracle Play has a wide range of playground accessories specially made for children,  some of these elements, include our net climbers and rock climbers for children. These are specially popular with pre-teens The reason why they are popular with the pre-teen population is that they usually have a higher difficulty level that any other playground accessory. Therefore, our climbing range, are great to promote exercise with children helping them get better with agility and making them challenge themselves with every step they take to the top..

What are climbers? 

Our climbers are game structures that enable childern to develop physical habilities , psychomotor skills, strength and skill while climbing. Our elements include items like nets and rock climbers with different levels of difficulty.

All of the playground accessories made by Miracle Play. including our climbers count with the correct certification and are carefully tested to comply with children playground's rules. Therefore, children will be able to  climb through steps, stones or ropes, while being safe. 

We count with a wide range of climbers for children's outdoor playgrounds with different shapes and original pieces to make children of all ages have the time of their lives.

Types of climbers, specially designed for children's amusement


Firstly, we can find different models of vertical rock climbersThese have a vertical metallic staircase which children canclimb up,. or use to climb down after going up the rocks in the rock climber. This climber does not need a harness to climb as it is made at a safe height for children to enjoy. These elements are specially popular with children over the age of 5 and their shape and colours call for children to exercise and have fun while doing so. These climbers, can also include elements such as slides and fun shaped decorations to increase the fun.

Secondly, we have the curved climbersWhich have a degree of inclination or curved shape, going up these climbers is much easier than the rock climbers, as the curved shapes are specially made to be used for small children to be able to get a firm grip and easy climb. Some of these curved shaped climbers, also have decorative elements, such as palm trees. Aswell as in the rock climbers, you can add fun elements like swings, this is why curved climbers are perfect accessories for any play area.

Finally, we have net climbersthese can have many different shapes and levels of difficulty, they can be made into pyramids or original geometric shapes which can stimulate the brain and give different climbing options to pre-teens. It is a fact that children love to climb, and our net climbers are made with special ropes designed specially for them. Climbing has incredible health benefits for children making them obtain more balance, be more aware of every movement they make and decreases obesity in children as they are constantly exercising every body part.

If you would like to complete your children's playground with climbers take a look at our catalogue or ask our team members to see which one is the most suitable for you at



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