Miracle Play is the leading business dedicated to the design, production, installation and maintenance of children's playgrounds.  Therefore, we aim to elaborate incredible designs for outdoor play areas always thinking of incentivating creativity and fellowship through the use of play. This way, our protagonists, children, can enjoy every corner while learning new habilities and keeping safe.

In over30 years of Playground installations, Miracle Play has become an expert in all playground related matters . Having developed outdoor spaces in Schools, Town Halls, Preschools, Hotels, Campings, Restaurants, Neighbourhoods, Individual Households... among many other clients.

The main aim of our company is to keep all playgrounds safe for the use of children aswell as fun, which is why all of our playgrounds follow the EN-1176 norm set for European playgrounds and adapts each item and each play area to the rules in playground installations for each country (if they do not fall into this Regulation).

Outdoor Playground sets

Miracle Play's Children's playground sets, are very complete outdoor product which incorporate may different elements of fun. These elements include, for example slides, interactive panels, ramps, climbers, decorative elements and even swings... Discover our different themes and fall in love with our slides and playgrounds.

Floors and Fences

In Miracle Play, we make each outdoor play area'sdesign, paying close attention to the safety regulations set by each country. Therefore, when it is time for children to play in the Miracle Play designed areas, they are always filled with fun and safety items. This is why, in our range of products we offer safety safety and protection, fun and visually pleasing to provide security and a nice scenery for any play area. de cada país. Por lo tanto, hora del juego en todos los parques de Miracle siempre es extremadamente divertida y segura. Es por esto que ofrecemos también productos de seguridad como rubber floors, artificial grass and fences designed for children. 

Play Accessories for outdoor playground areas

Our Playground accessories,, are very important when creating a dinamic and fun play area, these elements are the ones that , make the play area complete and filled with fun it makes it more magical and special for children, and can make children of different age groups to play in one same space. Some individual elements can be added to make playtime more inclusive for childern with physical disabilities and we can adapt our playgrounds to have ramps in order to fill the play area with inclusivity. Each individual element, has a different difficulty level, this also makes it easy to invite children of different ages and different physical capabilities to play in one same space. 

Miracle Play's children's playsets are made with the best material, which apart from being 100% recyclable and having a low carbon footprint, are completely resistant to harsh weather conditions. Our structures are made with posts made of galvanized steel or aluminium (clients can choose the material) and play elements such as panels, slides, decorative elements... are made in polyethylene with Roto Moulded techniques, which is the most resistant material for outdoor playgrounds, making it the best for any play area.

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