The processes at Miracle Play in the supply and construction department are adapted to satisfy the need of our clients. We opt to make each process as effective and efficient as possible to give a final product of quality which fits perfectly with each of our client's requirements.

Our team is 100% focused in our customers

We count with an expert team with wide knowledge of children's playgrounds for outdoors, indoors and water.Some of our workers have over 20 years of experience in the industry, producing, installing, constructing and maintaining playgrounds.

Our wide experience and knowledge of the sector, makes us provide excellent consulting service adjusting to each person's budget and needs for each of the projects they want to work with ius on.

We look to give the best service and love to listen and work in teams to make each project perfect and trying to fulfill all of our client's expectations for the children's area.

Our work team can be defined by their strong leadership skills, sense of responsibility, great creative skills, their sense of organization, harmonious cooperation, sense of belonging, motivation, great communication. The empathy each member shows towards each other, towards the client's and towards the end user are what makes us one of the best playground design companies. Elaborating each project with the care that it requires.




Assesment and design

We create 3D designs taking into account each space and measurement provided by the customers, then we offer them several options to choose from, and they can see which one fits more into the area they envisioned.

We have several tools and special measures to help with the instalation of children's playgrounds for outdoors, indoors and water purporses. This way we guarantee the safety and security of the playground users in each establishment we construct our playgrounds in. We adjust to the playground rules set by each countryin ordert o provide a safe space where children can run freely.

Efficiency in every step

The process and time of instalation can vary due to many factors, such as the type of playground installed and the size of the playground area and set. Once we know the perfect playground for each area and a great design that fits our client's needs, we can estimate a time of delivery and installation.

Delivery dates can suffer changes outside of our control, for meteorogical, political, health or human factors that may delay tranport of the products.

Post sale service is focused in offering the best service, following up in products and services given.

If you would like assesment in your project feel free to contáctanos



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