Our Waterslide towers are perfect to turn any pool area into an incredible waterpark where children and adults can enjoy the wornderful rides. Our waterslides can reach big heights and lengths turning a hotel's, camping's pool area into a great space with extremely fun elements.

On the first place, waterslide and waterparks can be built either indoors or outdoors, for example:

The preschool Natación El Pequeño Koala is an activities centre centered in teaching toddlers to swim and has an indoor waterpark for the little ones, but the most popular option is definitely to have an outdoor waterpark for coastal areas such as the one in Hotel Sorra Darauda Splash.

At Miracle play we offer different options for waterpark slides personalized to every space, adapting to our customer's demands for capacity and installation conditions, to create the waterslides they want for their pool areas.

Miracle Play's Waterslide model types and their use:

  • Aqua Racing Slide Also knoen as the racing waterslidesm they can have from 2 to 8 rails each for one individual person. There are perfect for multiple members to use as it has multiple rails.
  • Stuka: Structure with a great degree of inclination, it begins with a closed area to give more security and then opens up midway to give the user a bigger thrill during the way down.
  • Kamikaze: made with a mix of safety and adrenaline rush in mind. Just like the stuka slide, the kamikaze is a waterslide with a very vertical degree of inclination, but this slide is fully open to be able to see the fall from the beginning and see how the slide will end.

Por consiguiente es una atracción hecha para valientes y aventureros.

  • Open Spiral: without a doubt one of the best options as it is not very steep so the user can go down the slide with the use of a floating service or without it, it has curves and spirals to help increase the fun factor while the user goes down the water ride.
  • AquatubeNot very steep either, fully closed and with curves so the user will not see the twists and turns coming, making this ride full of exciting fun .
  • Vortex: In this type of slide, you will begin with a fun fall from one of our aquatube slides, which will end up in a slide plate where centrifugation will make the user spin around and around the walls of the slide and fall through a tube slide into the water

Waterslides are great solutions to help increase customer's rankings and increase customer bookings, they are extremely eye catching for many age groups and you will see a large increase in the number of people looking for establishments with these types of rides.

Materials Used

The materials used by Miracle Play for waterslides are of the best quality, using Fibreglass, the material used in boats for a long durability, resistant to corrosive materials such as chlorine and other chemicals used in the flow of water in the slides. Therefore, these elements are resistant to chemical erosion and to harsh weather conditions keeping its colour for long periods of time.

Fibreglass is considered by experts to be the best quality material for waterparks and waterslides in the market,they require minimum maintenance, it is versatile and doesnt conduct electricity which makes it safe to use in water.

Our products made in fibreglass have a gel coating, which adds another layer on top of the fibreglass material to be able to have a greater resistance to wether conditions and give the parks the vibrant colours for a more eyecatching look.

The slides are made to be used in different types of pools, and eacg require technical elements such as water pumps, metallic structures (or fibreglass for shorter slides) which can support the weight of the slides and the pipelines they need to pum water.

Guaranteed Fun

Most families, when looking for a holiday option feel more attracted by hotels and resorts that have aquatic rides and waterplay elements. Most of our clients have seen an increase in bookings after adding water slides, even in low peak seasons.

Most people look for places to stay with singular traits, and having a water filled place where people can enjoy fun waterslides is definitely a reason to book. What people usually search for when booking a stay in a hotel is:

  • Waterparks and Waterslides

  • Water play for children in pools

  • Children's water playgrounds

  • Aquatic rides in hotels

  • Water slide parks

Lastly, water parks that give fun and entertainment give a place for families to enjoy together and guarantees a great success.

Contact Miracle Play to install a waterslide tower for your pool area, and become the most popular establishment in the area.

We are experts in design, production and construction of waterpark and waterpark structures.:

We design, elaborate, install and maintain your waterpark in perfect conditions, guaranteeing the safety and professional view in each project.. Contact us







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