Trampolines or trampoline parks for indoors,are indoor spaces meant for a wider audience, these are the most innovative play elements with the jumping areas combining sports and exercise with an extra element of fun. They are used by a very wide audience of all ages, thanks to its many uses.

Trampoline parks are made with elastic material to help inrease the height of each jump, and protective elements to make the space completely safe and soft.

At Miracle Play we work continuously to help develop innovative solutions for every indoor space, the latest trend in indoor playgrounds is without a doubt the trampoline parks and ninja playgrounds. These playgrounds are fully equiped with original and fun products which help increase the amount of exercise done while at the same time having fun and playing.

This is why we include elements to help elevate the fun and activities done inside each trampoline park

All of our products are thought for children, pre-teens, teens and adults to be able to have fun in one same space whilst getting the amount of exercise required for each age group. Obviously by using the playground correctly to prevent any kind of accidents during its use.

The multiple uses of these playground styles are great for health and fun purposes they are great for our health as you continuously are doing exercise, it also helps with mental health as the activity of jumping around helps oxygen to circulate better in the body, this helps better de balance of our bodies, the flexibility of our muscles and at the same time bettering coordination and stimulating the metabolism. Apart from all the physical benefits, it helps with brain and intellectual development. This is why, trampoline parks have been implemented by many fitness centres to do cardio lessons and muscle development, and it is becoming wildly popular in countries like the UK as a fitness lessonm these are known as "trampoline fitness" and will soon be seen all around the world.

We adjust to all of our customer's needs, since all of our indoor playgrounds can be 100% personalized including company logos,, mascots or themes. This is why Miracle Play designs and adjust each playground to the available space, adjusting colours to our client's needs and items to fit the age group our clients wouls like to attract with their indoor play area.

Miracle Play's Materials

All of the materials used are, to begin with, non-toxic, easy to clean and fast to disinfect due to the lack of pores of the materials. Our indoor series are made with anti-slip materials and waterproof to help avoid falls or bumps as much as possible. All indoor playgrounds, including our trampoline parks are safe spaces as all posts are covered with protective soft foam, which provides colour and a soft cover to the playground. This cover is easy to disinfect and clean, and it is replaceable should it need renewing after the passing of time.

If you want to turn your children into great warriors, with our wonderful trampoline parks they will definitely feel that way. This is a playground style fit for all ages and sizes. Trampoline parks and Ninja Playgrounds, are fit for adults and children due to the series of obstacles and dynamic games which will make every user challenge themselves physically while having an amazing time. Therefore, if you want them to have an amazing time jumping and exercising, this is the perfect playground which with its fun modules will provide laughter and fun memories that will last a lifetime. Let the Ninja inside of them show with our Ninja Parks made specially to challenge everyone.

Lastly, remember to always use comfortable clothing to make your trampolining experience completely unique nd unforgettable. Let out the kid inside and don't hold back in laughter while using our fun and wonderful trampoline playgrounds.

If you want to install a trampoline playground for both children and adults, contact us by sending us an email to

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