Indoor play areas for Babies and Toddlers- Baby Areas

Our baby areas,are softplay areas which are completely padded and filled with games such as rockers with different themes, agility its and construction kits or soft bricks.

First thing people want to know is why they should include baby areas,, also known as Soft Play indoor areas.

Why have an indoor baby park area??

When installing a play area, it is convenient to think adding an area specially made for babies and toddlers for any indoor playgrounds. This is due to the fact that children of different ages, enjoy playtime in different ways. This is the reason why adding special areas divided by age, to be able to adapt to each child's habilities and attract a broader audience to play in the play space, is a very important factor when thinking about installing an indoor playground. Areas that are specially made for baby use, are thought out specially for children between the ages of 1 to 5, made with a special type of floor which is completely padded, called tatami flooring, which are similar to nig puzzle pieces to fit perfectly in any space.

Soft Play Games

These types of indoor baby playgrounds specially made for baby's and preschoolers, include a series of soft play elements which are completely safe to use. All of the soft play elements are made in. special way so children can play without hurting themselves or others. Therefore each of these soft elements are introduced into baby play areas and meticulously measured so children can play safely with each element in the baby area.

Learning in baby areas

You should know, all indoor baby parks are made to help the little ones learn and develop social, physical, intelectual and emotional abilities which they will go on to use when they are grown up. These learning opportunities are created due to the different elements which encourage them to use their actions and voice to continue playing. Several investigations on the behaviour pattern in babies have indicated that, children learn to think by themselves during their playtime, when they are stimulated by items helping them learn about movement and equilibrium. Babies learn in a similar way, they learn to socialize when they participate with other children in learning experiences that stimulate them to use their voice and speak with other children.

Our play equipment for an indoor baby park

All of Miracle Play's equipment for soft play is made using the commercial and security standards set by the EU and adapting to the ruling set by every country, ensuring the security of children in every space. Our equipment is, therefore, safe for users and made with materials which will give the playgrounds a long product life, expected for commercial use of the playground.

Miracle Play's clients hace the opportunity to influence and give their opinions every step of the way. Being able to indicate factors such as size, contents, themes, ,objectives and learning opportunities they would want for each area during the design process. Even so, it is important to consider the purpose of each game and how these elements can help benefit children.

What do baby areas teach children while they are using them?

Apart from providing a safe space for toddlers and babies, our special playgrounds made for babies and toddlers teach children to:

  • Develop muscular control and strength they need
  • Use their imagination
  • Solve problems
  • Learn about teamwork with other children
All soft play and baby area equipment should incorporate soft play elements that:
  • Help them develop new ideas
  • Support with children's social engagement
  • Make children work together in order to solve their emotional problems
  • Encourage children's voluntary playing experience

Building an indoor baby playground area

The production and building of the indoor baby parks require special knowledge and techniques, which is why you should always count with a building expert to guarantee the safety of little children and specially toddlers, in their play area. Miracle Play counts with vast knowledge through its over 30 years of experience, guaranteeing the best products with the perfect installation for each of the play elements.

Toddlers playgrounds, encourage learning for the little ones, helping develop their physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities through action and voice, these are, according to recent investigations, the best ways for children to begin learning to think for themselves. This is also the way in which babies and toddlers under 5 years old, learn to socialize, participating in learning experiences with other children.

Favourite Pastime

Children use playtime as something bigger than just a fun pastime, playing, for them is investigating the world around them. When born, children cannot do anything on their own, and they know very little about the world that surrounds them or their place on earth. Therefore, it is through playtime that they get to experience the world and learn about it, developing their physical strength, their social skills and their emotions and knowledge which they will need to be able to live their life as individuals. Through recreational activities and games which promote creativity and cooperation, children begin to develop their personalities and start working on strengthening these habilities which will be extremely useful to them in the future.

These baby and toddler playgrounds are perfect for when children want to celebrate their birthday in a ball pit park, or when some parents want. to have a safe play area indoors for their toddlers. They have the perfect accessories such as bouncy castles.

Miracle Play is a recognized brand for indoor toddler playgrounds

As a recognized brand of producers and suppliers of toddlers playgrounds, we know how important and complex it is to have these types of areas. This is why our team of leading experts designs and builds the baby playgrounds to fit into all of the basic requirements of these types of playgrounds.

Indoor baby parks make for a great accessory to every indoor playground. In Miracle Playwe understand the importance these areas have to help with inclusivity for children of all ages and even families with children of different age group. these places in play area are perfect for children to find accessories such as

  • Bouncy castles or Trampolines for children

  • Slide games for children

  • Indoor Playground Children's furniture

  • Ball pits for indoor children's playground

We are looking to build a fun world n which we are sure indoor toddler areas are perfect for children contact us




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