Miracle Play's indoor children's playgrounds, can be 100% personalized, being able to change every colour and add your very own company logo, mascot or decoration elements. We want to deliver the most incredible colours and styles which adjust best to the environment . With our indoor play areas, we aim to offer a kid friendly area with fun and recreational activities so both parents and children can enjoy their time.

In Miracle Play we make use of every corner, introducing soft play elements which increase the fun and learning experience inside every playground set.

This is why our customers have seen very positive outcomes of their initial investment in indoor playground areas. One of the most common initial changes in business is seeing an increase in the number of clients visiting their business. In fact, places that have recreational areas for children, are the ones that book up and fill up faster.

Our trajectory as children playground experts

Our large trajectory of over 30 years in construction of children's playgrounds with over 1000 projects makes us stand out from other companies offering the same services. We our known for our dinamism and care with each projects' execution, making every area efficient, fun and safe.

We are also a company with a huge compromise with creating the best designs and playground installations and accessories, all complying with the norms required in each country adjusting perfectly to our customer's needs, space and budget.

The process of indoor children's playground installation 

Firstly, Miracle Play is constantly researching to better their production processes and making each product innovative for childern's recreational use. Our products have the upmost quality and our playgrounds offer unique designs with multiple soft play elements which increase the fun and learning in every corner. Miracle Play's playgrounds are magical and unique making them perfect to suit any audience.

Indoor games for children 

Apart from our indoor playground sets which are completely adapted to each of our customer's needs, with all personalizable items throuighout the playground. Out clients can decide which elements to include and which to take out, with multiple softplay options to include in your indoor play set, such as: ball pits,punching bags, rope maze, swings, rock climbing walls, trampolines... Evidently we research intensively to be able to fill every corner of the playground with fun filled activities for children.

Indoor Playground Children's furniture

Indoor play areas, are not usually only composed on indoor playground sets, as children need a space to put their shoes and sit down to do other activities. Which will require the use of other pay items, such as: children's furniture, slides, trampoline parks, baby areas and sports pitches.

Safety in indoor playgrounds

Lastly, the safety of each of the elements that the playgrounds have is truly essential for us, an example of this is that all our indoor parks adhere to the European regulations for playgrounds. EN1176 they carefully follow all the rules, in order to make the indoor soft play space, as secure as possible so that children can enjoy their playtime, run around and learn while being completely safe and surrounded by safety elements. This way the parents can rest assured that their children, while having a great time, will be as safe as possible.

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